New downloads and Ray Curry too!

Thanks to subscriber Tom M., the Downloads page now includes three full-page magazine reviews of the Wahoo! 1900 and 2100. Full of juicy specs, test results, comments on construction and performance. Really interesting reading, even if you don’t own those exact models. Thanks Tom! BTW, Tom says he has more that he’ll try to send along so check back.

Also…and how cool is this…I got an email from a friend of Ray Curry, founder of Wahoo! Ray got wind that there’s a Wahoo! owners group and while he’s not into the Internet himself, he’s offered to answer question through his friend via email. So stay tuned.

The right Bimini top for your Wahoo!

The question has come up more than once: “How do I choose the right size Bimini  top for my Wahoo!?”

Well, it happens that has a great online Bimini selection wizard that’ll guide you to the right size for your model, year, and trim line. Even if you choose to buy your Bimini somewhere else, it will at least give you the correct specs. You’ll find the wizard here.

One note: Different Wahoo!s came with different railing configurations. I’d bet my bippy that the Bimini selection wizard on does not factor in your railing–likely it assumes there are no impediments as to where you can situate the Bimini’s mounting brackets. So make sure you measure and account for the presence of your railing when choosing a Bimini.

New Wahoo! brochure on download page

Thanks to forum member Stickball, the Download Page now boasts a Wahoo! brochure for 1995 1900, 2100, and 2400 CC EFS models. Thanks Stickball!

Jojola’s Wahoo

In April 2010 a Hull Truth poster by the name of jojola posted a message offering his 1990 Wahoo 1650 Striper for sale. The message came complete with pictures. It was such a beautiful boat, so well maintained and outfitted, that I wanted to repost a lot of the info here (including the pictures) as a source of ideas for other Wahoo owners.

Here’s a gallery of pictures of the boat.

The text below is jojola’s, with a few minor edits by me…

Very clean 1990 Wahoo 1650 Striper
New 2007 Yamaha 90TLR (purchased 2008) still under warranty and YES eligible – 40 hours of use
All new Yamaha rigging, 704 Controller, Key switch, Harness
New Yamaha Digital Gauges
New Dash with New Switches
New main power switch
New center console frame and door
New Taco rod holders
New Starboard Cover Plates
New Yamaha 10 Micron Fuel/Water Separator
New Sump well automatic pump
New Small recirculation bait well (no water pick-up)
New fuel line
New battery
2 New rear pull up cleats
New removable swivel-eze ski pylon
2 New console seat mounted rod holders
New Jensen 2007 Stereo/Speakers with Ipod cable
New Standard Horizon VHF and Digital VHF Antenna
New Eagle Elite GPS / Sonar w/East Coast chart
New Swim Platform
New Horn
New LED cockpit lights
New Taylor Boat Cover – Trailerable
Original Bimini Top
New Anchor/Rode/SS Chain
New Powertech SCD-4, 4-blade SS prop

This boat was a project that my son and I worked on for well over a year, unfortunately I must now sell her. The history of this boat is I’m the second owner. This boat has the original Wahoo registration card. It comes with all manuals and Yamaha service guide. It has only been used in saltwater once, it’s whole life it was a fresh water boat. After every use the motor gets flushed, and before storage the carb’s are run dry and then drained, lower unit oil changed, and motor fogged.

Wahoo 16 foot models/trim lines explained

A 1990 Wahoo 16.5 SpecialA pretty common question about Wahoos goes something like, “I just bought a sixteen foot 1989 Wahoo. Which model is it?” I had the same question myself immediately after buying my boat. And Wahoo itself changed model names and trim lines year to year, adding to the confusion. So here’s a disambiguation on sixteen foot Wahoos…


First there are the models. From 1985 to 1989 the only sixteen foot Wahoo model was the 16.2, named for its sixteen feet two inch centerline. (It was also six feet two inches wide, so the name described both the boat’s length and beam.) In 1990 Wahoo models of all lengths went through a renaming (possibly to make them sound a little sexier). The 16.2 was renamed the 1650; same boat, same specs (including length), different model name.

In 1991 Wahoo introduced a deep V, air-chambered hull to its line of boats. These were identified by the appellation LX in the model name (the absence of LX in the name signified the existing, Whaler-styled hull).  The initial sixteen foot deep V model offered in 1991 was named the 1650 LX.

The were two other short-lived sixteen foot Wahoos:

  • In 1990 (and for that year only) Wahoo put out a sixteen foot side console named the 16.5 Special. The hull had the same specs as the 1650. Feature-wise it was more bare bones than the 1650, with a smaller console and shorter rail but with a slightly larger (fifteen gallon) fuel tank.
  • In 1996, its final year, Wahoo put out to F-1600 EFS. Author’s note–still researching.

Trim Lines

In 1985, its initial year, Wahoo offered two trim lines of the 16.2: the LTD, a side console; and the Twin, a twin console. These were joined in 1987 by the Striper, a center console designed as a family fishing boat. Things were stable after that until 1992.

  • In 1992 the 1650 LTD  was discontinued.
  • In 1993 the 1650 Lazer was added. The Lazer was a same as the 1650 Twin but with features geared towards younger people: a stereo, swim platform, custom upholstery and graphics, and a sport wheel.
  • In 1994 the 1650 Striper was discontinued, its position as the sixteen foot Wahoo fishing boat replaced by the new 1650 Striper LX.
  • In 1995 the base model LX was discontinued and the Lightening was added. xxx
  • In 1996 the F-1600 EFS was added. The 1650 Twin was renamed to the 1650 DC. The original 1650 Striper was returned to production, renamed the 1650 CC. All other models/trim lines were discontinued.

The following table summarizes the years the various Wahoo sixteen foot models/trim lines were in production.

1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996
16.2/1650 LTD
16.2/1650 Striper, 1650 CC
16.2/1650 Twin, 1650 DC
1650 Lazer
1650 Lightening
1650 LX
1650 Striper LX
16.5 Special
F-1600 EFS

The initial purchase

Although I’m writing this “first post” a year after the fact, it’s probably worth recording what my Wahoo was like when I first bought it, what I paid for it, and so on.


Model: Wahoo 16.2 Striper
Year: 1987
Length: 16 feet
Beam: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 725 pounds
Capacity: 5 persons or 634 passenger pounds; 1104 pounds including engine and gear
Horsepower: Rated up to 90 HP

Features: Built-in 12 gallon fuel tank; full rail; original wooden lids and cushions; console controls include tachometer, tilt/trim indicator, and speedometer

The boat came with a 2008 Load Rite bunk trailer rated for 1500 pounds in good shape, and a 1981 50hp 2 stroke Evinrude engine (without power tilt/trim). The previous owner said he’d had no problems with the engine but for me it was hard-starting and prone to stalling at idle almost from the get go. After the first few trips I had to spray gas directly into the carb to get it to start, even when it was warmed up.

Notably not present at the time of purchase was a bilge pump, depth finder, or working kill switch.


Overall for its age (23 years) the boat was in pretty good condition, although certainly not pristine. The rail and cushions were in great shape. The wood needed refinishing. The fiberglass was solid (although the bow lip was cracked from being winched too tightly onto the trailer a few times). The gel coat had numerous small chips and had long ago lost its shine; it scuffed and dirtied easily. Some of the deck hardware (mostly screws and cleats) had rust or scaling. The bottom paint was who knew how old. The top of the console was full of old holes where it had been drilled into; inside the console, the wiring was spaghetti. The speedometer and tilt/trim indicator were not working.

Purchase Price

I paid $3900 for the boat, motor, and trailer (plus a few small extras like anchors and lines). That seemed all in all a reasonable price based on other Wahoos I’ve since seen sold based on where I live.

 Added 2014

Replaced engine with new 2014 Honda 4-Stroke BF50
New key switch
Replaced tach with new Honda 7k Tach/Hour Meter
Added new Honda 37260-ZW5-000ZA trim meter
Added Jensen CPM100 AM/FM/USB w/MS30 Stereo with AMS602W Speakers
Added 2nd two-rod rock rack
Added Two Norestar flush-mount trolling rod holders
Added Dri-Deck  mats
Replaced Fuel-water separator, fuel line, and coupling
Replaced deck pump with Seaflo Bilge Pump 750gph Auto with Float Switch
Added lighted bilge pump rocker switch