Hi there. My name is Mike and I live near Boston, Massachusetts, USA. In the summer of 2010 I decided to buy my first “real” fishing boat; that is, a boat that represented a step up from the canoes and skiffs I had owned since I was a kid. After figuring out what I wanted (and what I could afford to¬† spend) I hit the classified ads. Several weeks and a few false steps later I purchased a 1987 Wahoo! 16.2 Striper, a sixteen foot center console very similar in appearance to a Boston Whaler.

Prior to buying one I’d never heard of Wahoo!. So I was anxious to learn more about it. Also, being an older boat, there was plenty on it that needed repair or updating–more opportunity to learn. A little research, however, revealed that the last Wahoo! rolled out of the factory in 1996, fourteen years earlier. The company was out of business. There was no official documentation to be found anywhere, outside of a few basic specs listed in things like the Nada Guide.

What I did find from reading various internet message boards and boating forums were lots of other Wahoo! owners, very passionate about their boats. From them I gots lots of great information, but in snippets–a bit here, a bit there. Since Wahoos were modeled after Boston Whalers, I also found a fair amount of info on Whaler forums like Continuous Wave (peppered with lively debate between Whaler and Wahoo owners on the virtues of their respective boats). Finding no web sites dedicated specifically to Wahoo!s eventually gave me the idea for this blog. I wanted a place to pull together all the information I’ve found, to share it with others, to invite discussion, and to also serve as a journal for my own boat. I hope you enjoy it.

A Note About Accuracy

Much of the information on this site was collected either from first-hand observation or by reading the statements of other Wahoo owners. But, as there is no Wahoo boat company anymore, it’s not always possible to vet information for acccuracy. For example, there’s a range of opinion on whether Wahoos are “unsinkable.” The general consensus, supported by published accounts of other owners, seems to be “yes.” But not everyone agrees. If you see something on the site you know to be wrong or find questionable, I encourage you to contact me with a correction or question.