homer-dohHi folks. Yesterday it  came to my attention that some people have had problems logging in or registering for the site the past couple of months. I’d been wondering why traffic seemed a little slow. I thought it was just the winter doldrums.

Sorry! The problem is fixed now.

What happened is, a few months ago I installed some software that was supposed to block spammers from accessing the site (you’d be amazed at how many spam bots try to register on a daily basis). Unfortunately, in addition to blocking spam, the software ended up blocking a number of of legit logins, both current subscribers and new visitors trying to join the site.

So as of an hour ago I’ve turned the blocker off and it will stay off while I search for a better solution. To those who had issues logging in, you shouldn’t have any going forward. (But if you do, please email me directly and I’ll get you fixed up.)

Here’s to the start of a new boating season. The cool news it that wahoo.seatoad.net now has close to 200 registered members. That’s a lot of Wahoo! owners! Looking forward to swapping info and stories with you all in months ahead.